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09-Nov-2017 11:11

You see the reason they keep repeating these tired stereotypes, is because they become like auto-reverse cassettes in our minds.Once they are believed, they become convictions, and then they will automatically play upon sight...

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The purpose of throwing these men under the bus is to make them as unattractive, and unappealing to non-white women as possible.So if his subconscious is saying; "Hmmm, she's beautiful, but you know how black women are!-I don't want her to go 'off' and start screaming and neck-twisting on me! I guess I better not ask her out" *dejectedly walking away* Once again, to the victor go the spoils.He said he felt that this way, he would never be out of work again.

The couples smiled and showed an amazing amount of support for one another.

It also discourages some non-bm from approaching bw.