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02-Aug-2017 02:06

Now she no longer asked me if I was sure, whether she should change her mind and having dressed in a light short dress Jeanie set out to with the intention of seducing David and letting happen whatever would happen.

I think I was excited as she was as I kissed her goodbye on her way to new sexual experiences.

Jeanie subsequently told me that she had met someone at work, David, that she knew really fancied her and she him.

They were in fact going on a residential course as part of a group from work.

She would listen first and would get very turned on and then afterwards she would want a good fucking herself, making love noisily and wildly.

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She came in the bedroom and I immediately asked if she had enjoyed herself.

I had always wondered, as I think all men do at one time or another, what it would be like to have my wife fuck another man.

My wife, Jeanie, and I have always talked very openly about sex.

We started reading magazines with letters from readers and wives talking about the same kind of fantasy as my wife had and pretty soon these became my fantasies as well.

I asked Jeanie if she would like to make this fantasies actually happen whether she really wanted to be screwed by another man.

From early on inour relationship she would ask me about previous girlfriends and details of the sex we had.