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31-Aug-2017 23:24

She confessed that she was seeing a couple of guys at the part time job she had, both of them married, which was something of a blessing.

Between them and me, Charlie claimed she could probably get by provided she got plenty of action on the weekend.

Neighborhood Nympho by Jethro Jodhpur Chapter 1 Yes, I knew what I was getting when I married Charlie.

On our honeymoon I turned a blind eye as she picked up guys out by the pool and let them take her to their rooms so they could bang her brains out.

Based on her performance on our honeymoon, there was no way that yours truly and a couple of part time studs at her job were going to fill the bill.

I started scrambling to come up with a lot more trustworthy individuals who wouldn't mind taking care of Charlie's itch on the weekends.

Things turned freaky when our hostess broke out her strap-on and the ladies took turns stirring up the loads of hot sperm that their husbands had pumped into every hole that Charlie possessed.

One guy managed to drop a load into her armpit, and another filled one of her ears to the brim with his offering as everyone cheered him on.

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By far Charlie was the hottest babe there, and that sort of incentivized the distaff side to put a little extra into the way they handled my wife.Let's face it; she looked like a porn star, too much makeup and a set of tits that were an unreal 38D.

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