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11-Nov-2017 13:19

bell hooks defines feminism as “a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” More: Gender roles Gender roles refer to the ways people perform gender. Gendered expectations Gendered expectations refers to the pressure women and men feel to perform their gender and the stigma endured by people who fail to perform it “correctly.” It recognizes that decisions are not made in a culture-free vacuum of total free will or by people too dense to know what will make them happy.

We’re all making decisions for ourselves based on what we think will make us happy, but none of us are doing so in a vacuum.

Anti-feminism uses a flawed understanding of neuroscience to overstate the impact of gender or intellectual capability.

Anti-feminism blames feminists for boys’ poorer performance in schools instead of gender norms which teach boys to behave in ways that are fundamentally incompatible with learning.

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benefit is anything that promotes the welfare or improves the state of a person or group: The new factory will be a great benefit to our town. financial, moral, or educational: profit from trade; profit from in the hole A trump card; something advantageous held in reserve until needed, and especially until needed to turn apparent failure into actual success.Anti-feminism blames women for the inevitable decline in economic status of low-skill, low-education, low-intelligence men. Anti-feminism justifies misogyny through superstition, including religious beliefs. syn: advantage, benefit, profit all mean something that is of use or value.

advantage is anything that places a person in a favorable or superior position, esp.Primarily though not exclusively directed at women.

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