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01-Aug-2017 18:11

– Bikes first used after April 1986 must have a brake light that works with both of the braking systems.

Therefore my 1951 Matchless must have a brake light fitted even though it didn’t have one when it left the factory, but it only needs to operate from one or other of the brake controls (i.e. It need not necessarily be connected to both braking systems.

The other thing to check is the length of the pins as some bulb types have one which is longer than the other (type BAX15d).

However, on today’s busy roads this really isn’t such a sensible arrangement any more.The ‘standard’ layout is for the pins to be directly opposite each other when viewed from the bottom, but in some cases (type BAZ15d) one pin is offset slightly.Looking from the side of the bulb, the pins are normally both at the same height, but can also be offset so that one is higher up than the other (types BAY15d or BAZ15d).In the end, like so many things, it’s easy when you know how and so that is what this guide is all about – how to upgrade your classic motorcycle to have brake lights that work when either brake is applied.

The article covers the following topics: Before I get down to the practicalities of the switches and wiring, I thought it worth finding out what the law in the UK says regarding fitment of brake lights to classic bikes back in the UK.

Hand signals might have been sufficient 60 years ago, but I think the majority of modern car drivers would just think you’d gone mad if you started waving your arm up and down as per the hand signals specified in the Highway Code!

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