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Please restrict entries to news stories from news sites (if you read about it on a blog then find an original report).Please try to post quality, interesting, "RW-ish" news stories rather than loads of everyday news stories, which clutter up the list and make the really interesting stuff harder to find."Republican politician Roy Moore is accused of sexual misconduct with a minor.Republican responses range from "defending pedophilia, to 'rather a pedophile than a Democrat' (Salon)" to advocating due process and saying he should resign (Daily Wire)Syria signs the Paris Climate Agreement, a couple of weeks after Nicaragua signed on, leaving the US the only country in the world refusing to sign. Related: Trump is not invited to Paris climate summit in December. Another mass shooting in the United States, this time at a Baptist church in Texas on Sunday, 26 worshippers killed (4% of the town) before the murderer appeared to have shot and killed himself following a car chase.The shooter was an atheist as described by his friends and classmates, and others are trying to link him to the Antifa movement without much evidence.A series of misconduct scandals has moved through British politics, with allegations including online hate speech, groping, forced kissing, sexting, and sexual assaults.Unsurprisingly, a think-tank funded by Google and other private tech companies believes consumers will likely remain safe.California Flat Earth believer will launch self in home made rocket on Saturday, 11/25/2017, hoping to take pictures of curvature or lack thereof in a later flight. Cancelled for now due to "bureaucratic" and mechanical problems.

Another MP was also suspended for making offensive online remarks.

Three Conservative Secretaries of State are under investigation with one already resigned; a further three MPs are also being investigated with a fourth serious enough to be referred to the police.

Labour meanwhile is investigating three party members for groping allegations, including one who has just been fired from the Welsh government.

The Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of crude oil in South Dakota.

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This comes at the time when the operator, Trans Canada, is seeking approval from the state of Nebraska in order to build the Keystone XL Pipeline.If the majority of MPs sign it, Pi S' influence over media will increase.

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