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Believe it or not, it’s the little things that make her feel special and make you more attractive. These are little acts of thoughtfulness she will love.

If it is rainy or snowy, drop her off at the door of any destination. It’ll have great impact and make her feel “cared for.” 36.

If they like the smell, they’ll want to get closer to you. When you shake hands with men or women, the smell transfers. Your clothes should be presentable – not faded and old, but clean, pressed and free of wrinkles, odors, dog/cat hair, etc. Just this evening in a fancy shopping mall I saw very pretty girl, dressed impeccably with a young man dressed in a terribly wrinkled undershirt.

My Dad told me once that he took a girl to a movie, followed up with a great meal at a restaurant.

(Some girls say everyday.) Seeing orange ear wax is a huge turn off – Yuck! Toe scum and toe jam are turn-offs when you’re wearing sandals, so are long toenails! Your shoes should look and smell clean (including the bottoms) and shined if possible. You don’t want to bring in any unnecessary presents and odors into your car or your girl’s home.

Don’t try to compete with the perfume your date or other girls are wearing. Some hate the smell, are allergic to it, or may conflict with their cologne. Clean your ears with Q-Tips at least once a week you shower. There are also many foot odor remedies discussed in “Foot Odor Remedies: No More Stinky Feet” also posted on the website. Clothes often look clean, but have been exposed to gasoline, grease, restaurant, coffee and/or B.

However, belching is opening your mouth to show off your mellow tone. Cross off the names of all classy girls on your list. But his breath was horrible – horrible all the time – an immediate turn-off and disqualifier.

Burping is easy to do silently and without opening your mouth.

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” She might need time to get her hair/nails done or buy a new outfit. So, decide either to be a gentleman and have girls like you, or choose to be a caveman and see the smarter and more mature men get your girl. Isaac Bruce is a hall-of-fame wide receiver, but a true gentleman.) 2. ) I’ve seen hundreds of young men miss terrific opportunities to cement their standing with ladies because they lack courtesy. Bees are defined as anything of any size that is to have a stinger, include sweat bees, hornets, wasps and mud daubers. These ladies will find excuses not to date you, so your ego doesn’t get hurt. She flirts with you, by tilting her head and looking into your eyes just a little longer than usual; b. Below are warning signs she likes you as a friend and not as a boyfriend. Would you like to know how to be more popular with girls? Important: Frankly, guys are visually oriented, but girls are basically interested in the heart. It doesn’t cost anything but gets tremendous results. He just barely made it through the glass door as it was closing. Don’t think you have to look like Arnold Swarzenegger.

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Here’s a compendium of dating advice for young men. Being older, I wish someone had taught me these things, so I wouldn’t have embarrassed myself so often. She didn’t make it, banging her head and side into the door as it was closing.

It’s a key accessory of all well-dressed gentlemen.