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21-Nov-2017 17:37

And finally Elise who after attempting to give her rose to Dylan, ended up being rejected by him and relented giving her rose to Chris.While Dylan’s elimination means one less man in the house, but more contestants will come with episode 3.The Rose Ceremony of episode 2 concluded with Lacey and Marcus as a couple, Marquel and Michelle still exchanging roses despite having a bit of argument about Michelle’s alleged drinking problem.

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“She’s just got a lot of swag, and she’s a really good hip-hop dancer, and she’s just really cool.” .

So do any of theses couples make it to the end of the series?

Well according to Reality Steve, two couples will make it out of paradise.

Another man from Andi Dorfman’s “Bachelorette” season is Cody Slatter, who will be arriving to paradise in episode 4.

Cody will instantly make a connection with Michelle, who fell out of love with Marquel after his comment before the Rose Ceremony.

“I never considered this for myself, so if anything, people who hear about this, just keep an open mind about things they haven’t experienced,” Kate said.